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What to do and see in Gran Canaria

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This map covers the Spanish holiday destination of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. Tourist attractions are highlighted with a red flag. The map is supplemented with photographs and text.

A wealth of diverse landscapes and a wonderland of curious flora await the visitor to Gran Canaria, in our opinion the most underrated of the Canaries amongst countryside enthusiasts. It's hard to believe that such a small island (1532 sq km/600 sq mi) has so much to offer. And yet it's often been referred to as a 'continent in minature'. If you travel across Grand Canary for a day by car or on foot you will see for yourself! From the hub of the cumbre, the island's great saddle, ravines are born and fan out seaward like spokes on a wheel, gouging enormous valleys in their wake. Between them there are magnificent barrancos (ravines). Each has its own little secret to share. In the Barranco de los Cernicalos there are knee-deep grasses and a chuckling stream; the Barranco de la Aldea hides an emerald-green reservoir; the Barranco de Gg opens out to an incomparable beach. These are but a few of the island's breathtaking ravines... and this is only the start of what there is to explore.

Gran Canaria

Historical interest.

Santa Ana Cathedral at Vegueta.
The Castillo de la Luz in Las
Las Palmas Port (Puerto de la Luz)
The Basillica de Nuestra San Ora del Pino
Ermita de la Nieves.
The Town Hall in Las Palmas The Galder Centre.
Puerto Morgan or Little Venice
The town of Vegueta dating back to 1478.

Tours to book - click here

Parks & Gardens.

Parque del Nublo.
Las Dunas de Masapalomas.
Bandama (volcanic creater).
Palmitos Park and Palmitos Garge.


Golf Gran Canaria has many premier courses to suit all games.
A huge range of water sports are available from snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, jet ski and fishing.

Jeep Safari - book here

SuperCat Catermaran - book here

For the Kids.

Puerto Rico Water Park.
Holiday World Masapalomas.
Crocodile Park.
Palmitos Park. Butterflys, Exotic Humming birds and Aquarium.

Camel Safari - book here

Sioux City Barbecue - book here


The Museum House of Christopher Columbus.
The Museum House of Perez Galidos.
The Atlantic Centre of Modern Art.

Gran Canaria has a strong cultural tradition and has much to offer the visitor.
Home of the oldest opera company in Spain.
La Rama Festival held (June & August) in San Pedro and Las Nieves (a traditional rain dance).
The Dance of the Five Continents Treatra Festival with complementary exhibitions.


There is a wide choice of very good beaches where ever you are staying.
Playa del Baranquillo (World Champion Windsurfing). San Augutin, Playas de Ingles, Masapalomas, Puerto Rico and San Filipa to name only a few. You will be spoilt for choice.


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