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 Entertainment in Tenerife


Costa del Silencio and Las Galletas.

You will find Silencio in a quiet bay on the south coast of the islands, it is one of the oldest and best established resorts, close by is Las Galletas a small fishing community where there is a small pebble beach and the sea conditions are good for swimming and ideal for the novice surfer

The Bars here not only serve refreshing drinks and snacks

but many have top class entertainers. There are also several sports bars showing all those important sporting fixtures you don't want to miss. Or why not dance to your favourite music including Disco, Country & Western or Karaoke.

The variety of places to eat gives all the family a chance to have their favourite foods or try something new, the choice is wide from hearty breakfasts, fresh fish (from the mornings catch). Sunday Roast, Bar-B-Q's, Pizza and take-a-Way or for something really different why not try Venison or Ostrich, Costa del Silencio and Las Galletas have something for all the family.

Golf del Sur and Amarilla Golf & Country Club.

Located near the south airport these two premier resorts are of the highest quality.

There are numerous bars offering a verity of live entertainment and sporting fixtures via satelite. Most serve a selection of snacks and provide safe areas for children to play based as they are around a central plaza.

The variety and excellence of places to eat is truly international with quality and service hard to match any where.
About a fifteen minute walk walk from Golf del Sur is the small fishing village of Los Abricos with a charming harbour and original fisherman's houses an ideal place for an evening stroll, it can also boast some of the finest fish restaurants in Tenerife.

Golf from beginner to world class.
Water sports:- Sailing, Wind Surfing, Kayaking, Water Ski, Speed boats and lots more.
Horse riding, Bar-B-Q's and Tennis.

The Patch

As part of Playa de Las Americas The Patch can offer the holiday maker a huge choice of places to eat and drink and make merry.

There are bars of every description from cosy locals, Karaoky, Nostalgia 60's, 70's and 80's music, Cabaret, Coutry & Western and Cocktail bar. Not forgetting the sports bars showing televised coverage of all your favourite sporting fixtures, most bars have a good selection of snacks and a friendly welcome.

From the humble Burger & Chips or dishes from around the world there are enough to satisfy the hungriest appetites. Open from early till late serving good food with a friendly smile. Many of the bars and restaurants have live entertainers; you will be teated to top class shows hard to beat anywhere.

Los Cristianos

Once a quiet fishing village now a thriving international tourist reosrt. With many of the Bars and restaurants overlooking the harbor and wide sandy beaches.

Although smaller and quieter then some tourist area's Los Cristianos can offer not only the Burger and Fish & Chips but also Canarian cuisine as well as international dishes of a very high standard.

Los Cristianos has a wealth of bars and cafés and many have live entertainment or perhaps a quiet drink over looking the herbor is more your idea of a night out. Los Cristianos has a little of everything, why not try a Tapas bar for a taste of they Canary Islands. What ever bar you choose the welcome is sure to be warm.
Also home to the biggest street market in Tenerife it is held every Sunday after a leisurely breakfast at one of the near by cafés a walk around this cosmopolitan market just browsing or souvenir hunting is a most enjoyable experience.

Los Gigantes

Names after the sheer cliffs that form a magnificent back drop to this quiet town on the west of Tenerife, Los Gigantes is an ideal location for families, there is a small black sandy beach ample places to eat and shops to browes in.

There are a variety of bars come with different entertainers and others more suited for that quiet relaxing drink with friends, most will have a selection of snacks.

The variety and excellence of cuisine on offer is of a very high standard prepared by top chaf's, but if you fancy something more simple there are all our usual favourites such as Burgers, Pizza and of course Fish & Chips bon appetite.

The hotels mostly have their own pools for swimming and sunbathing and some have gymnasiums for that work out you have been promising yourself. The beach, although small has a good sand and safe swimming also surfing. Always look out for warning flags,
Red: Strong currents do not swim.
Yellow: Strong winds and turbulent sea conditions take care.
Green: Safe to swim. Always supervise children when near water.


A sleepy backwater with a glorious past. Garachico was founded in 1496 by Cristos del Pone. Situated in the north it was the main port and trade centre especially for wine, amongst its most famous was Malmansay immortalized in Sheakspears Richard 3rd. In 1706 the town was devastated by a huge volcanic eruption that overwhelmed it and partially buried the town and blocked the harbor, without it the inhabitants were forced to fall back on the past traditional methods of making a living namely fishing and farming, which for us today means that we canenjoy some of the islands best fish, Shellfish and wine.
The buildings left untouched by the eruptions are partially noteworthy like the Castle San Miguel (1517), the converts of San Fransisco and Santa Domingo dated around the 16th and 17th century. The many fine mansions built by the wealthy merchants of the town during its flourishing hay-day and The Parish Church with its collection of paintings and religious sculptures are well worth a visit. Although there is no beach the area is dotted with pools created by the molten lava flowing into the sea perfect for a dip after exploring this unspoiled town. Garachico past and present is one of Tenerife's Gems.

La Laguna.

La Laguna was named the capital of Tenerife in 1496 by its founder Alonso Fernandez de Lugo. As a university town it is the second most important on the island. La Laguna is not only of architectural interest but has been built on a unique grin system that can be seen as having been the inspiration of other city planners in America. Buildings of special note are the Cathedral built in 1515 which has a beautiful arched nave of illuminated stained glass and behind the high the alter is the tomb of Logo Conquistador de Tenerife y La Palma (The Conqueror of Tenerife and La Palma). The oldest church is Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion built in 1502 and used by the conquistadors to baptize the Guanche leaders as part of there conquest of the islands. Also of note is the Teatro Leal a triple tiered hall holding regular concerts. Plaza del Adelantado the central square and main area for shops bars and restaurants in between the cathedral and the main road. To spend time in La Laguna is to look back in time before the developers took over, it has a long and impressive history a wonderful cool climate and great charm.

How to make SANGRIA

  1. There are no exact measures for this Traditional drink but here goes.
  2. Put a good handful of ice cubes into a two litre jug.
  3. Next add a large tin of fruit cocktail or use fresh fruit.
  4. Add a cup of Brandy ,be generous.
  5. A measure each of Banana liquor Grenadine and Melon liquor.
  6. Then a generous measure of Cointreau.
  7. Finally top up with red wine. P.S. leave the car keys at home

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